Solosol - Solar Solutions

Our team and knowhow
Dr. Stephan Wansleben
Chief Executive Officer
Stephan Wansleben joined Solsol in 2010 as Managing Director/CEO. Stephan is general manager of the company. He advises clients in investment strategy and financial modelling.

Stephan's involvement in photovoltaics started in 1998, when his company Qtec supplied the vision inspection technology to the first production line of Schott Solar in Alzenau, Germany. Under Stephan's leadership as General Manager, ICOS Visions Systems GmbH developed and launched its worldwide-popular series of wafers & cells inspection systems. In 2008 Stephan also co-founded GPinspect GmbH, today a very prominent supplier of vision inspection technology.

Stephan is a graduate of Cologne University in Mathematical High-Energy Physics. He continued his academic career in Theoretical Solid State Physics and Applied Mathematics at the University of Georgia, USA.

Thomas Schlötzer
Chief Operating Officer
Thomas Schlötzer joined Solsol in 2010 and became COO in 2015. Thomas is an expert in silicon solar cells, with over 15 years of experience in crystalline and thin film solar cell manufacturing. His know-how includes wet chemical processing and metallisation processes, as well as complete line optimisation.

Before joining Solsol's team, Thomas was “Head of Metallisaton” at GP Solar/centrotherm, managing the ramp-up of metallisation lines in centrotherm's global Turn-Key activities. His in-depth and hands- on experience in PV is supplemented by his intimate knowledge of Asian, in particular Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai, and Indian markets.

Thomas studied Physics at the University of Göttingen and started his professional career at the University of Stuttgart (IPE) in CIGS thin film solar cells processing.

Bernard Lee
Chief Executive Officer - Solsol Asia Pte. Ltd.
Bernard Lee joined Solsol in 2012, managing the materials sales & marketing team worldwide. He is a specialist of the semiconductor and solar industries in Asia with about 20 years of experience in sales and project management in both industries.

Before joining Solsol's team, Bernard worked as Sales Director of ESA Electronics Pte Ltd and as Sales Manager of ICOS Vision Systems Pte Ltd.

Bernard studied Electronics Engineering at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore, and Marketing Management at Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore.

Massimo Centazzo
Business Development Manager
Massimo Centazzo joined Solsol as Project Manager in 2015, when he successfully lead a 120 MWp/year project in South East Asia. His focus is now Business Development.

Massimo got involved in the renewable energy sector in 2007, as Vice Production Manager at Helios Technology SpA, a pioneering PV cells and modules manufacturer in Italy. Previously, he worked four years in the banking consultancy industry of the City of London and he co- founded QID srl, a company developing nano-structured catalyst for the Chemical Industry.

Massimo holds an M.Sc degree in Theoretical Physics, and completed his academic formation at the Max-Planck Institute in Potsdam, Germany, and at ELETTRA Synchrotron Light Facility in Triest, Italy.

Robert Wade
Senior Consultant
Robert Wade joined Solsol in 2008. Robert is a specialist of silicon solar cells, with specific expertise in Solar Cell Device Physics and Characterisation, as well as LASER and metallisation processes.

Before joining Solsol's team, Robert gained extensive experience in developing high-performance cell concepts as Technical Project Manager of R&D for–among others–the "high-efficiency emitter-wrapped-through" solar cells project at Q-Cells SE.

Robert started his professional career at the Institute of Solar Energy Research Hameln (ISFH), where he worked at the development of RISE back contact solar cells.

Wolfgang Wille
Senior Consultant
Wolfgang Wille joined Solsol in 2012. Wolfgang is expert in crystalline Silicon Solar Cell Device Physics and production technology. His expertise includes emitter profiling, characterisation and metrology and complete line optimisation.

Before joining Solsol's team, Wolfgang was R&D Manager at Blue Chip Energy, specialising in high resistivity emitters.

Wolfgang holds a M.Sc in Telematics, Microelectronics and Pattern Recognition from University of Technology Graz.

Phillip Donn
Senior Consultant
Phillip Donn joined Solsol in 2011. Philipp has a wide range of experience in Solar Cell Device Physics and Production Technology. He specialises in Anti-Reflective Coating/PECVD processes and is Solsol's expert in off-line, as well as in-line, metrology systems for wafer / cell / module production.

Before Solsol, Philipp did extensive research on sputtering of active Anti-Reflective Coatings and characterisation with LASER metrology at the Institute for Photovoltaics of the University of Stuttgart (IPV).

Philipp graduated in Electrical Engineering at the IPV with research on measurement systems for admittance spectroscopy of solar cells.

Dr. Lars Hamann
Senior Consultant
Lars Hamann is a specialist of tabber/stringer systems, automation in cell / module production and metrology. Lars joined Solsol in 2014, when he was immediately deployed to projects in Europe and Asia.

Before joining Solsol, Lars worked at the University of Stuttgart in metallisation processes and module optimisation and at PV Steinbeis Centrum, developing and taking to market new materials for modules manufacturing.

Lars studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart and obtained his Ph.D. at the Institute of Photovoltaics in Stuttgart in 2014, with research in reduction & optimisation of silver paste consumption for printing processes.

Lip Shun
Senior Consultant
Lip Shun joined Solsol in 2014. He is supporting the after- sales/equipment service activities of Solsol, as well as sales of modules consumable products & customer service.

Lip Shun holds a B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering Design from the Singapore Institute of Technology, University of Glasgow, and a Manufacturing Engineering Diploma from Nanyang Polytechnic.

Sanju Kumar
Senior Consultant
Sanju Kumar joined Solsol in 2015 as metallisation processes specialist; he is also part of the Procurement Team for raw materials & consumables for the PV cells manufacturing industry.

Sanju started his career in the PV Industry at Moser Baer in 2005, and later joined the PV team of Tata Group. Tata & Moser Baer were the perfect training gymnasium, where Sanju “hands-on” practised a wide range of skills: R&D, Process Engineering, Optimization & Implementation of process improvement methodologies (e.g. LEAN, SIX SIGMA, MoC, etc.) in PV manufacturing and Operations Management, taking him to a managerial position in Process Engineering.

Sanju holds a M.Sc. in Electronics from Barkatullah University.